Jordan A. Colbert is a photographer who works in various other media.  She was born in Emporia, Kansas where she lived before moving to Illinois when she was four years old.  While living in Illinois, she developed a growing interest in the arts.  However, it was not until high school that Jordan discovered photography as a tool to convey her artistic interests.  Following high school, she moved to the East Coast for college majoring in photography.  Jordan received her BFA from Howard University in Washington D.C. in 2006.  After her undergraduate studies, she wanted to further her work and decided to pursue a graduate degree.  In 2009, Jordan received her MFA in Photography from Pratt Institute.  Although photography is the main outlet for her art making, she has begun to experiment with video and other multi-media forms; at times incorporating her photography to better express her ideas.  Jordan’s work explores issues of identity, gender and the notions of vulnerability in the all encompassing eye of race.  Jordan currently resides in Brooklyn, New York where she continues her work.